Make a California FTB Payment Online

Personal Balances Due, Estimated Tax and Other Payments online with your bank account.

  • Go to
  • Select "Use Web Pay Personal"
  • Enter primary taxpayer social security number, last name and Captcha code
  • Enter name and address information
  • Select Payment Type. Most common payment types are:
    • Tax Return Payments
    • Estimated Tax Payment (540-ES)
    • Extension Payments (Form 3519)
    • Amended Tax Return Payment
  • Select Applicable Tax Year
  • Select Payment amount and payment date
    • Note, for estimates, you can schedule multiple payments with different payment dates.
  • If married, select "Yes" to joint payment
    • Enter Spouse's information
  • Enter Bank Account Information
  • Submit payment and print/save confirmation
  • Note: The FTB does not accept payments by credit card without charging a fee

Third party vendors such as ACI Payments allow you to make payments for a fee.