How to make an IRS payment Online

Balance due, estimated tax, and extension payments

Follow this link:

  • Click "Make a Payment"
  • Select Reason for payment. Common reasons include:
    • Estimated Tax Payment
    • Balance Due
    • Extension
    • Amended Return
  • Apply payment to: Income Tax
  • Select Applicable Tax Year
  • Click Continue to move to identity verification screen
  • Use your tax return to verify information.
    • To request a copy of your tax return, click here
  • Enter payment information and routing and accounting numbers

Enter Bank Account Payment Information: 

    • Routing number
    • Account number and account number confirmation
    • Note: The IRS does not accept credit card payments. 
  • Third party vendors such as ACI Payments allow you to make payments for a fee.
  • Confirm accuracy of information, submit  and print/save confirmation information