Create a MyFTB Account

Create a MyFTB account to access your California state tax records and information as well as other features.

  • Go to
  • Click "Create MtFTB account" Button
  • Fill out required information, choose username and password (store in a secure place).
  • Fill out challenge questions (store in a secure place)
  • Enter required information
    • Note that California information such as AGI is requested. This can be found on your CA Form 540, not your federal 1040. Federal and California income differences are a common occurrence.
  • Answer questions to verify identity and create account.

MyFTB Features:

  • View account balance and tax year or account period details
  • View estimated payments and credits before filing a return
  • View payment history
  • View a list and images of tax returns
  • View a list and images of notices and correspondence
  • View and update contact information
  • View proposed assessments
  • View a list of authorized representatives (tax professional or a tax professional with a power of attorney) and manage who can access your account
  • View a list of activities that occurred on your account, such as the last time you or your authorized representative accessed your account
  • Calculate a balance due for a date in the future
  • File a power of attorney (POA)
  • File a nonresident withholding waiver request
  • Protest a proposed assessment
  • Chat with an a customer service representative about confidential matters
  • Send a secure message with attachments to us
  • Choose to receive an email when we send you a notice or correspondencce